About Me

Hi I am ** :wave: 🛠 I’m a geek interested in understanding how things work :nerd_face:.

Be it completing a game :video_game:, reading all the books I can :books:, seeing a very good trilogy :movie_camera: or even understanding the difference in flavors between the beers I can :beers:!

I like to know about philosophy and politics and understand how it impacts our world and our society :world_map: ! I believe that healthy discussions are good for our life constructions :speech_ballon:

Talk about my career :man_office_worker:, this is developed in the Business and Data Intelligence areas for the following business segments: Retail, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications and Financial Services with over 10 years of experience in Information Technology focused on implementing data models focused on analysis and data science :bar_chart:

  • Modeling and implementation of transactional and relational databases;
  • Modeling and implementation of structure to analysis of large data volumetry;
  • Database maintaining and updating;
  • Knowledge in enterprise business rules;
  • Requirements analysis and scope for implementation and project development;
  • Structuring processes and creating environments for the provision of information;
  • Building simple and complex algorithms for data integration and analysis.